Contact Center

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Do you run a global, international or local contact center for customers or an internal help desk?

With Voxogo Cloud Contact Center you will get a full scale, robust and completely customised solution.

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Here is why mangers, agents and customers alike enjoy our magic:

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  • Multiple call groups with customized call logic
  • Routing of calls based on A-numbers and/or B numbers, as well as time scheduling
  • Music on hold
  • Dynamic notification of estimated wait times

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  • Dial-out with free choice of A-number presentation; main number, hidden number, group number or own number
  • Statistics module, with full set of KPI ‘s and export of data
  • Permission management with different profiles
  • Recording of calls globally and/or on agent level

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  • No more confusing and complex price proposals. We will provide you a fixed price per month including a full feature set.
  • We will handle the implementation project free of charge.
  • If your call center handles outbound calls, we will provide global calls at great rates. We can customize rates to your top destinations.
  • You can provide your own prompt recordings, our we can handle recording at a fixed project price.

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  • Simple and user-friendly agent-console with user-controlled profiles, simply log in and grab a role
  • Fully flexible customisation with easy drag-and-drop setup
  • Receptionist module with full overview that can easily be personalised by drag-and-drop
  • Easy setup of incoming call groups in multiple layers with ‘catch-all’ back stop e.g. for easy and secure routing of named VIP-customers

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  • Access to voice mail directly in the browser or software based agent-console or via email
  • Presence-information on agent- and administrator level single click change of status
  • Follow-me-functions including option to transfer calls to cell phone
  • SMS-messaging as optional addon

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  • Internally and externally calling functionality from soft phones and/or IP-phones with global provisioning on the distance
  • Completely customizable prompts with multiple language support for national and international ringing groups
  • Dial-out globally at attractive rates
  • Simply add international dial-in numbers using our add-on product Voxogo Global Access

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Attractive Pricing

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  • No more confusing and complex price proposals. Our contact center solution comes at a fixed price per month including a full feature set.
  • We will handle the implementation project free of charge.
  • We can also handle recording of prompts in multiple languages by experienced actors in professional recording studios. Voice talents will be native speakers of your chosen languages.
  • If your call center handles outbound calls, we will provide global calls at great rates. We can customize rates to your top destinations.
  • We can also provide local dial in numbers in the countries you serve and route the calls to your call center agents wherever they may be.

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A Contact Center for Your Business

A Contact Center can be defined as a coordinated system of people, processes, technologies and strategies that create value for the customer and the company, by providing access to information, resources and expertise, through an integrated communication system.

A Contact Center is the central hub of your business

To put it simpler: a contact center is a centralized device used to receive or transmit incoming and outgoing requests. An incoming contact center is used to manage incoming product support or information – or other requests from customers. An outbound contact center is used for telemarketing, market research or outbound customer support. A contact center is the device used to handle all communications in a business, including letters, fax, social media, chat, email and phone calls, thus a contact center is the central hub for a company, where all customer contact is handled. All valuable information from customers to relevant employee in the company, collection of information and identification of relevant employee or customer is done through the contact center.

Contact Center for both small and large companies

A typical contact center has an open workspace for secretaries and administrative workers, which include a computer for each worker, a desk phone and a connected headset. Voxogo offers a contact center as a cloud based service, where you can access voice mail directly in the browser, via email or through software-based consoles. This ensures the same functionality as a stationary contact center, but without the need for demanding and complex hardware. Cloud based contact centers are based on software as a service technology, which offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and allows for integration with CRM, leadership management and other applications. Voxogo’s telephony-based API furthermore provides access to basic phone functions, and sophisticated call handling on the same platform. The contact center solution has Presence information on user and administrator level, follow-me features, and the ability to transfer calls to a mobile phone, so you are always available for important calls and SMS messaging as an optional add-on product. The virtual queue provides callers with options when waiting when the relevant employee is busy, and standardizes customer service across multiple medias, such as telephone, email and fax.

A Contact Center with useful features

Most businesses use contact centers for customer management and customer dialogue. The contact center can be internal or outsourced, in order to simplify management, or save money. Voxogo offers a contact center with multiple call groups with customized call logic. Music is played on hold, and calls get dynamic notifications of estimated wait time. The contact center will route calls based on A-numbers or B-numbers, as well as time scheduling based on the employee’s calendar. If you are in a meeting, your call will be routed to the nearest available employee. The solution is customized to your companies needs, easy and affordable. This makes outsourcing unnecessary, as implementation is simple, and the service is user-friendly. Voxogo’s contact center solution has simple and user-friendly user consoles with user-driven profiles, where you simply login and select your role. In addition, the service offers flexible customization with drag-and-drop functions for both users and receptionists, where you can customize on the basis of relevant needs. You can easily set up incoming call groups in several layers with the “catch-all” function, for example by routing named VIP customers. In addition, Voxogo offers great rates for international call if the contact center handles outgoing calls to other countries. We can also take care of recording of prompts in multiple languages. Beyond this, Voxogo offers a fixed price per month with all features included. We handle the implementation project of your contact center absolutely free of charge.

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