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Increase first touch resolution

With Teams presence available in Salesforce, your customer interaction stays warm, so you can stay cool.

Expand your Salesforce dialogues to include colleagues on Microsoft Teams.

TeamsTransfer is a managed package for Salesforce developed by Voxogo. The package bridges Salesforce, Microsoft Teams and the calendar in Office365. It enables Salesforce users to quickly find a relevant colleague who is available in Microsoft Teams and to swiftly transfer a call in Salesforce to that Teams user.

The package integrates seamlessly with your chosen contact center solution for Salesforce, e.g. ServiceCloud voice with partner telephony from Vonage.

Features at a glance

Filter fast to find available experts. Transfer wisely. Make your customers smile.

The idea with TeamsTransfer is to bring out the best of both Salesforce and Office365 by uniting Service Cloud and Sales Cloud from Salesforce with Microsoft Teams since both platforms are used by winning organizations and need to work in concert to achieve effective communications.

Salesforce native

TreamsTransfer lives in Salesforce with no outside hosting needed. The managed package uses the Microsoft Teams Graph API as well as integration to Office/Exchange to show not only the Teams presence in Salesforce but also the outlook calendar directly in Salesforce.

Better customer relations

The TeamsTransfer package for Salesforce helps you increase your first touch resolution with customers: Help your customer get in touch with the person best equipped to help this minute even outside departments using salesforce.

Active Directory integration

The TeamsTransfer package uses data from your active directory and enables you to show the data where needed – e.g. on customer pages or in directories to help you filter on relevant criteria to find the right colleague.

Have it your way

Lists and tables can be customized to include any field that will add value to your customer dialogues. This enables you to filter the customized tables to quickly find a colleague who is both available in Teams, has the appropriate role in the right department or location and has the knowledge and competencies needed to help your customer with a particular question across your products, services and brands.

Research shows that deals are won by answering requests fast and efficiently. Likewise, customer satisfaction is greatly improved when customer requests are solved immediately by bringing in relevant colleagues to help solve the issue or request at hand in the first dialogue. TeamsTransfer makes it easy to achieve those goals by uniting your whole organization across multiple communications platforms.

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See a demonstration here: Voxogo TeamsTransfer

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