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Skype for Business is a state of the art solution for professional collaboration including web and video conferencing. With the Voxogo Skype for Business Platform you get outbound dialing at great rates, unified messaging and global dial-in numbers for conference calls.

We can get you up and running on Skype for Business without a time consuming implementation project.

Voxogo has developed a unique cloud platform for telephony integrated with Skype for Business Online and Office 365.

Six reasons to run Skype for Business on Voxogo Skype for Business Platform:

Attractive pricing

No platform cost. No implementation consulting fees. Pay per user and minutes only.

Easy management and deployment

Managed telephony platform on Microsoft certified telephony infrastructure that integrates with Office 365 for a hassle free and fully hosted solution

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited use of video and internet calls including calls to federated partners and skype users.

Enterprise voice

Add phone capabilities to Skype for Business Online users. Call any phone from Skype for Business at great rates

Better telephony system

Replace legacy PBX/ISDN for cost savings and enhanced functionality

Better meetings

Dial out to meetings and dial-in numbers for Skype for Business meetings in up to 135 countries

Add phone capabilities to Skype for Business online users

  • Monthly subscription that adds the ability to call any phone from your computer or mobile device using Skype for Business – not just other Skype for Business or Skype users.
  • Make phone calls on your device anywhere in the world – eliminate roaming charges. Use own IP infrastructure as well as Wi-Fi access in e.g. hotels to make real phone calls.
  • Flexible settings to accommodate different user profiles with different unified communication needs.
  • Simultaneous ringing, call forwarding, delegation, unified messaging and voice mails.
  • Show relevant phone number to call receiver – e.g. main company number, mobile number or dedicated Skype for Business number. Optional personal number can allow inbound calls to Skype for Business users.

Better meetings

  • Adds the ability to dial-in to Skype for Business meetings from any phone at local rate in up to 135 countries.
  • Dial-out to any phone from a meeting to include people in the meeting, or even combine Voxogo conference meetings and Skype for Business meetings into one meeting.

Better telephony system

  • Replace legacy PBX/ISDN for cost savings and enhanced functionality, e.g. main numbers for business units or locations and advanced routing with hunting groups/team groups etc.
  • Can integrate with advanced PBX systems for Skype for Business

Easy management and deployment

  • Managed telephony platform on Microsoft certified telephony infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with Office 365.
  • Cloud deployment to 135 countries – simplify telephony infrastructure globally.
  • Stay with your current Microsoft partner (e.g. Exchange migration partner)

Skype for Business communication platform

Over the last 10 years, Microsoft has heavily invested in transforming the way companies communicate, by simplifying and unifying different tools people used to communicate in their daily work. The result is Skype for Business, which provides companies the freedom to work anywhere, and talk with colleagues and customers wherever they are in the world. Colleagues can meet and make decisions in an instant, by using a simple and secure platform for audio, web and videoconferences. Skype for Business is a modern solution for professional collaboration, where you can contact anyone, from anywhere. The Skype for Business platform gathers Presence, instant messaging, audio, video and meetings on one stable platform.

Combine Skype for Business and telephony

Together with Microsoft, Voxogo has developed a platform that combines Skype for Business and telephony. Voxogos telephony-based Skype for Business allows you to call telephones from your PC or mobile using Skype for Business, not just other Skype for Business or Skype users. You can make phone calls from any device and from anywhere in the world. In addition, the solution offers flexible settings to accommodate different business needs; including simultaneous calling, call forwarding, delegation, Unified Messaging, and answering machines. The solution allows for unlimited use of video and IP-calls, including calls to business partners and customers, as well as Skype users. You can also add phone functions Skype for Business Online users, and call out to phone numbers from Skype for Business at competitive prices. In addition, you can combine the solution with Voxogo’s own dial-in numbers, and have Skype for Business meetings in 135 countries on all continents. Today we offer main numbers in more than 65 countries and we can create numbers for other countries on request.

Anywhere, to anyone

With Skype for Business you can work from anywhere, Skype for Business users can safely and easily contact colleagues and customers worldwide. You can use Skype for Business across your devices; the user experience is just as good across PC, mobile, desk phone, browser and tablet. In addition, Skype for Business ensures better cooperation between several parties via HD video conferencing. The system is based on Microsoft certified infrastructure that integrates with Office 365 for a trouble free and hosted solution, which ensures easy management and deployment.

Skype for Business features

The telephony based Skype for Business platform includes audio, Web and video calls, Skype for Business meetings, presence, instant messaging and chat. Chat can be organized into themed virtual spaces for individual workgroups or colleagues who meet to cooperate. You can search for the discussions, and they persist over time, ensuring effective and flexible information sharing. In addition, with Voxogo’s platform you have the opportunity to call Skype for Business meetings from any phone at local rate in 135 countries, as well as combined Voxogo conference meetings and Skype for Business meetings. You can participate in conferences with just one click, the system integrates with both Outlook and calendar. You can see the availability status of a contact and get information about whether the person you want to contact is in a meeting, if you have a presentation or talk on the phone. Contact cards displaying image, presence, status note, location and information about the company and is updated across Microsoft Office application.

Skype for Business will become Skype for Business

In the first half of 2015 Skype for Business becomes Skype for Business. Skype for Business combines the strengths of Skype and Skype for Business, giving users an even better user experience. The well-known Skype icons will be used to call, add video and end calls, while opportunities to share content and documents and telephony that Skype for Business provides remains. Skype for Business includes video calling and the ability to call Skype users on any device. We will update the software on an ongoing basis so that our customers will be able to take advantage of these features as soon as they are available. No new hardware is required.

Attractive pricing

Solution: Price per month:
Platform license per company 60 €
Platform user license 13 €
Skype for Business Microsoft Voice user license (if you don't have it today) 7.5 €
Extra main number 65 €
National calls to fixed line 0.02 €
National calls to mobile 0.05 €
International calls (starting at) 0.05 €

Contact us for a price suggestion, or to get more information about some of our other ad on options, such as integrated contact center, Advanced Voice Recording and AD integration.


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