Audio conferencing

Conference calls that work for you

More than 15.000 customers in more than 65 countries already use Voxogo audio conferencing. Because it simply works.


Here is why:

Easy to use

Self-explanatory service, that works with all phones. Unlimited number of concurrent meetings and participants.

No hassles

No registration, downloads or reservations. Optional meeting roles with no need for formal meeting leader.

Global coverage

Local access numbers in up to 135 countries. No premium rate numbers used. Toll free numbers available as add-on.

Great service

We handle setup and service. Customer care in multiple languages. Customizable traffic reports insure that you have full control over usage.

Easy scheduling

Invite as you would to any other meeting using email, calendar invite, SMS or simply face to face.


Dedicated or shared access numbers with customized welcome prompts that brand your company internally and externally.

Flexible and secure

Use any eight-digit code – e.g. the last 8 digits of a participants phone number. Choose, reuse or change codes freely. 100 million possible codes make the conference calls super secure.

User-friendly in-conference controls

Easy access to advanced features e.g. volume controls, individual and group muting, participant count, code check,  recording and lock meeting.


No implementation cost, no subscription cost. Pay as you go- pricing with automatic volume discounts.


No binding period in contract and no minimum usage. Keep your freedom and collaborate freely.

No set-up cost, no subscription, no binding period, discounted minute pricing

Voxogo offers free set-up and there is no subscription cost and no binding period!

Pricing is pay as you go starting with a low entry price per minute, which automatically drops further in usage intervals:

Minutes per month from Minutes per month to Minute Price €
0 10.000 0.12
10.000 25.000 0.11
25.000 50.000 0.10
50.000 100.000 0.09
A monthly usage of e.g. 12.000 minutes will yield a price of 0.11 EUR per minute for all the 12,000 minutes.
Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable.

Choose between dedicated or shared access numbers

For an international solution you can choose between

  • A four digit account code to be used with Voxogos shared access numbers in 65+ countries allowing for global usage with local dial in at no extra cost
  • Dedicated branded access numbers in relevant countries as ad on priced at only EUR 14.95 each per month. This allows users to skip the account code when entering a conference call.
  • The two solutions can be combined, allowing you to have some countries with dedicated numbers and others with shared access numbers.

For both dedicated and shared access numbers, a customizable welcome prompt branding you can be played. We offer to set up test solutions for both access number options free of charge, so you can try both options with no cost. Testing can be done in English prompt versions. Language customizing can be arranged.

Audio conferencing for businesses

Audio conferencing is typically used by businesses to conduct internal or external meetings, both locally and globally. Common uses for conference calls include customer meetings, sales presentations, project meetings and updates, regular team meetings and communicating with employees working in different locations. Audio conferencing is a good option when you want to cut travel costs, and allows for a more productive and efficient workday.

Audio conferencing that suits you

An audio conference is a telephone call where you can include three or more participants to the call, regardless of where you are in the world. Such call may be held as a one-way dialogue, where leaders meet is the only one who speaks and the other participants’ listen, or you can have a conversation where everyone is included and can speak freely. There are several ways to arrange a audio conference, and Voxogo try to make it as easy as possible. All participants have the ability to call and connect to the audio conference and participate. One does not need specialized equipment; Voxogo’s audio conference is compatible with all phones. Have audio conference calls without signing up in advance, without downloading software or reserve a time. Keep the audio conference simple and secure by using an eight-digit code, for example the eight digits of your phone number. You can choose and modify the code freely, and with an eight-digit code, there are 100 million possible codes to choose from.

Enhance your audio conference experience

You should be aware of common causes of poor audio conferences: Participants not showing up, the conference is too advanced and difficult to use, background noise, interference and disturbances. These reasons are avoidable and avoiding them will give everyone a better experience when holding an audio conference. Using the audio conferences from Voxogo, you do not need to understand and learn a complicated and sophisticated system, the lines have perfect sound quality and you can simply use the advanced in-meeting features to find the right sound level.

International audio conferences

We offer global coverage with local access numbers in 135 countries. We use no surcharged numbers, and free numbers are available as an additional service when using our premium version of the audio conference. The service provides easy access to advanced features such as volume control, muting of participants, code check, recording and locking of the audio conference. In addition to this, we handle the setup and service, and have customer service in multiple languages. Moreover, we offer a customized welcome message at the beginning of your call, which markets your company both internally and externally. You have full control over the usage of the audio conferences with customized reports in Excel format.

Web conferencing

Audio conferences are increasingly used in conjunction with web conferences, where presentations or documents are shared online. This is also a service we offer, with our Skype for Business solution. This allows for optimal use of your Microsoft solutions including Unified Messaging and global access numbers for telephone, web and video conferencing. If this sounds interesting, more information can be found here.

Reliable solution with full control

The solution is hosted at Voxogo’s professional and geographical redundant data centers. Voxogo will handle all setup and a named account manager will assist in implementation an on-going support as need be. Flexible and detailed usage reports in Excel format enable full visibility and control at the relevant department at you (e.g. IT or Finance).

Optimize knowledge sharing, flexibility and collaboration internally and externally with a customized, hosted solution for audio conferencing from Voxogo.