About Us

Who are we?

  • Voxogo is an international IT company specializing in cloud solutions for collaboration.
  • Our vision is a world where people collaborate without the restrictions of distance or complexity.
  • We aim to become the world’s preferred provider of solutions to make this happen.
  • We strive to deliver the world’s simplest and most customer-oriented global communication solutions to increase collaboration and improve teamwork.
  • We are proud to serve more than 15.000 customers in over 65 countries with solutions for collaboration and communications. Our goal is to help you be more productive.

What do we do?

  • We deliver hosted solutions for conference calls, telephony enabled Skype for Business and contact centers in 135 countries.
  • We bridge IT and telecommunications to build robust, scalable solutions that simply work.
  • All our solutions are built with three things in mind: simplicity, dependability, suitability
  • Voxogo provides great usability for end users. We start with great voice quality and easy access to the important features for casual users who just want things to work for them in a simple and fast way. Then we add extra features for advanced users.

Why choose us?


Easy implementation, control and management for the IT and Finance departments we serve. All our solutions are delivered as managed services. We handle setup and implementation free of charge. Then we make sure everything runs smoothly. We also setup customized reporting so you can track usage in the way you like.

Relax and enjoy, we’ve got you covered.


Global carrier grade platforms that easily scale from 2 to 2 million users. All our solutions are built to run as white label solutions for telecommunications companies (network operators). This way our solutions are built to be flexible, robust and global. Our pay as you go and pay per user pricing models offer a full blown solution from day one without having to pay for expensive hardware, server licenses or implementation consulting. Whether you are a few users or thousands of users you can enjoy the full features at a fair price.

What’s in the name?

Voxogo’s name is a contraction of Vox (latin for voice) and ’on the go’, providing a “Voices On The Go” interpretation. This is seen in our solutions’ support of mobile, global or flexible workforce productivity.

Voxogo offers hosted telephone systems for the handling of reception, redirecting calls, queue’s, self service, and more. We provide Contact center-solutions and boast solutions for international calling at fair prices. Voxogo is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is the first in Europe to offer integration between Office 365 and Skype for Business. We also offer a MS certified SIP Trunk for Skype for Business in both hosted and on premise solutions. For Skype for Business we can also offer Dial-in numbers in 100+ countries.

Voxogo’s platform for conference calls is delivered to millions of people all over the world in collaboration with some of the world’s biggest and most innovative network operators.

Voxogo is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is the first in Europe to offer integration between Office 365 and Skype for Business delivered as a service including full telephony integration with global dial-in and dial-out options.

Our hosted call center and telephony solutions are used for fast and international deployment of help desks, inbound and outbound call centers and standardized telephony solutions for shops and branch offices.